About Qwikpay

Providing businesses and individuals with a fast, simple and secure way to move money online.

Qwikpay is operated by Qwikpay Pty Ltd. Qwikpay provides businesses and individuals with an online alternative to traditional payment methods.

Trusted by merchants and consumers alike, our financial services span more than 180 countries across a broad spectrum of industries and businesses.

We help customers get their money where it needs to be securely and privately, and give businesses an option for accepting payments and making payouts in markets where traditional methods may not work.

Thousands of customers around the world have used their Qwikpay account to pay and get paid on thousands of sites and to send money to individuals around the world.

We’re made up of people who are fun, energetic and driven to helping businesses become a global success online. At Qwikpay we believe innovation comes from real teamwork, building relationships and speaking your mind.

We're obsessed with all forms of infrastructure, including communications, transportation, energy, waste management, and payments.

Robust infrastructure creates a happier, more productive, and more prosperous society.

Qwikpay was created to increase the global economy (increase GDP) by enabling new commerce. Our mechanism or facility to do that is payments. Everything else we do depends on how it fits into the vision for Qwikpay.